Privacy Policy

Here we lay out the method and purposes by which we collect and use anonymised information through our website at (hereafter referred to as the “Website“).

Our Website aims to deliver information regarding online betting and the gaming industry in general. To achieve this our Website may contain hyperlinks and advertisements which lead to third-party sites that are relevant to our goal (these third-party sites are hereafter referred to as the “Services” when considered together with our Website). Such third-party websites are entities independent of our Company, and are thus covered by their own privacy and cookie policies.

We have no responsibility or liability for any data that you may submit to such third-party sites. You should read their respective privacy and cookie policies before you share any data with them.

Collecting Data

Visitors can access all of our content without registration, and we do not collect any personal information.

Instead we only collect “Non-personal Information” from you. This mostly concerns data such as anonymized IP addresses for visitors in the European Economic Area that are derived from third party tracking cookies, information about your operating system and browser version, the amount of time you spend on our Website, which pages you might visit as well as the language you use to view our Website. We collect this information in order to streamline our Website and ensure it satisfies your needs and runs on as many different devices and systems as possible. We ensure that no individual can be identified, directly or indirectly, from any such data we collect as it is anonymised, de-identified or aggregated.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are tint data packets that are one way in which websites work to improve their services. They are created when you first enter a website and are sent by the website to your device where they are stored for a specified period.

We use cookies to provide you with better service every time you visit it. They also help us to maintain security on our Website. We make use of several different kinds of cookies, each of which has their own function:

  • ‘Session cookies’ – are short-lived as they are created when you enter a website and are deleted when you close your browser. We only use essential session cookies that help us to maintain our Website’s efficiency.
  • ‘Persistent cookies’ – have the purpose of collecting relevant technical data about our users and their devices. These cookies may remain on your device for up to one year. We may use two types of persistent cookies:
    • Functionality cookies – these allow us differentiate you from other users and allow us to provide you with a personalized experience on your next visit;
    • Analytical/performance cookies – these collect anonymous technical data from your device. This data may be aggregated and analysed by third-party partners to help us comprehend the many ways in which users utilize our Website. Such data may include the pages you visit, how much time you spend on our site, which links you click on, as well as your device and browser information. We do this to provide you with a Website that functions in the way you wish it to, as well as to allow us to improve the content of our Website.

Our cookies are made to only collect anonymous and Non-Personal Information from you and your devices. By using our Website you agree to the above data collection methods.

You may block cookies by changing the settings of your browser to not accept them. Doing so may reduce the performance of our Website, as well as our third-party services, leaving you with an unsatisfactory experience.

You can learn more about cookies by visiting

Third-party links

We’ve written this Privacy Policy to cover only our Website. Any hyperlinks or advertisements that may be shown or contained in our Website may lead to third-party websites. Any such third-party sites are not covered by this Privacy Policy. Such external third-party websites may have their own privacy policies in place. We would stress that if you visit such third-party sites you should read their relevant privacy policy before you submit any information or data to them. Any such data or information that you may submit to such third-party websites is your responsibility.

We do not accept any liability for any information or data that you may submit to third-party sites. This Privacy Policy only covers any data or information that you may share or submit directly to our Website.

Using user information

Any data we collect from you may be used to:

  • Improve our Website
  • Better comprehend how you interact with our website and which elements of our Website are of most interest to you
  • To help maintain and improve the security of our Website

We may also use any anonymised data we may have collected in order to comply with any legal request or court order that may have been served to the Company by a court of law or an equivalent legal entity.