Managing Your Bets At The Blackjack Tournaments

Strategic play can be very helpful if you really want to get to the top of the blackjack competitions. There are many elements that you must consider in making up a good strategy for the whole duration of the game.

One of the things that you will definitely have to closely consider during play is betting. Betting is a rather complex area in the game that needs a careful study in order to get the maximum advantage. Bet management is the most important thing to consider in betting during the tournaments.

Bet management actually begins the minute you register for the tournament. When reading the rules of the games, you will be given details on betting. There are two formats that are usually used for tournaments: issued chips and buy-ins. In the cased of issued chips, all players are given an initial set amount to use during the duration of the tournaments. Buy-ins will have you literally purchase any amount of starting chips at your own expenses. It si somewhat easier to control your bets in the case of issued chips, because you already have an idea on how much you have. In buy-ins, you will be tempted to get as many chips as you can, as long as you have to money. During the course of the initial rounds you will also tempted to bet big because of your initial purchase.

This is where betting strategies come into play. Control is also necessary for the early elimination rounds as these are make or break situations. One tip that you can follow in this is to bet small. The idea here is rather than attempting to hit big in the early rounds, your goal is to simply stay qualified for the next rounds. With this in mind, you keep your bets small in order to maintain your chip stack. Of course you can still bet large, but only of the odds are very favorable to your side. Small betting will also allow you to slowly increase your stack for the next rounds.

Depending on your stack size gained from the initial rounds, you can then shift into a more aggressive betting style. This time around, you can take charge by forcing other players into compromising situation. Being the stack leader can be very useful in this case, since you have the largest set of chips available at your disposal. Also, as players start dropping out of the competition, the remaining players can also become more aggressive in their play, so it would be wise to play at their level. You can be also more “scheming” by letting the other gamers play against each other and waiting for an opportunity to grab an easy place in the final table.

Getting to the finals, you can revert back to the more controlled betting style of earlier rounds since being in the finals means that you have a chance to get cash prizes. Of course you do need to stretch your arms a little to get a shot on the top prizes.

One important thing to remember in bet management is to use every available betting opportunity that comes your way. One good case in point is the betting button. Being on the last set from the current button holder (usually to his right), you can get of all the players’ hands and bet sizes. You can then decide how to play your hand and bet on it accordingly. Using such opportunities can definitely extend your chances during play.